The Imagery of Christmas
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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer One man’s idea of born-in-a-barn is the forerunner of some of our contemporary Christmas décor. Tradition says this man was so disturbed by the secular materialism around Christmas, that he staged a living nativity scene or crèche to draw attention to the birth of

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Washed Up or Starting Fresh?
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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer Fifteen years ago I took my greenhorn self to a California writers conference, where I met with a well-known author for a “one-on-one.” It was the equivalent of a preschooler sitting down with a Ph.D. professor for a career pep-talk. “What do you write?”

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The Children We Were – and a giveaway
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Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer Memories decorate more Christmases than all the world’s tree ornaments, lights, and trimmings combined. For some people, those memories aren’t so pleasant. For others, they are the core of the season. My adult son displays a lighted miniature village in his home–the same village he

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A Christmas to Remember
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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer A working dad took his son to day care early one morning and was surprised to find the police there. He soon learned from the distraught director that someone had broken into the center the night before and stolen all their food. Instead of

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Barn Beginnings: Heartache & Expectations
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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer When I first met Caleb Hutton, he was riding into Cañon City. The year was 1860 and the whole scenario took place in my head, then on my computer, and finally in my first historical novel, The Cowboy Takes a Wife. Caleb’s journey

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‘Tis the Season for cooking, loving, winning!

Something about this time of year makes me want to cook more. Is it the cooling weather? The shorter days? The anticipation of approaching feasts? I’m sure all these things play into it, and I find myself tearing recipes from magazines in search of a new twist

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First day after Christmas we wrecked our car

Not exactly the plan. No, I take that back. Not at all the plan, not even a little bit. Who wants to ride a spinning teacup across a snowy road only to slam into a highway sign? Sometimes things don’t go as planned. I’m sure Mary didn’t

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Book 12 – The Fruitcake Bride

This final tale in the 12 Brides of Christmas collection is well worth the wait. The delightfully complex heroine had me empathizing with her insecurities and laughing at her dilemmas—not in a bad way. But who doesn’t need a good chuckle now and then? Lighthearted moments in

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Book 11 – The Snowbound Bride

I had such fun writing The Snowbound Bride, imagining that I could really step back in time to a cold Colorado winter in 1885 … and wondering what I would do if I were the one traveling alone, stalked by a less-than-reputable character. And then I met

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Book 10 – The Christmas Star Bride

Christmas traditions play such an important part of the holiday for many people. Most of us like to celebrate with specific foods, gifts, and company. But what happens when those expectations are not met? Can it still be Christmas? For some, it’s hard to find hope once

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Book 9 – The Festive Bride

This is my favorite time of year – getting ready for Christmas – because it’s so festive. Book 9 in The 12 Brides of Christmas collection has a very picky Alma Pickens—but in a good way. I so enjoyed reading about this spunky heroine who refused to

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Book 7 – The Nativity Bride

The Nativity Bride by Miralee Ferrell touched my heart with its setup of tender young love thwarted by outside circumstances. And I wondered: Would love win? Even in the face of long-standing resentment? You won’t be disappointed with The Nativity Bride.     About the book: Deborah

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Book 6 – The Gingerbread Bride

  Fall is snuggling into its wintry coat and we’re halfway through the 12 Brides with Gingerbread Bride by Amy Lillard. Seeing is believing, right? But what about believing the wrong thing, in spite of the evidence? I couldn’t help but laugh my way through this delightful

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Book 5 – The Yuletide Bride

Music – the voice of the heart. Especially at Christmas! I loved the part music plays in The Yuletide Bride and you will too if you set out looking for author Michelle Ule’s hint of “eleven pipers piping.” Obstacles abound, in this delightful romance but so does

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Book 3 – The Evergreen Bride

It’s here! – The Evergreen Bride, by Pam Hillman, book 3 of the 12 Brides of Christmas collection. I enjoyed this story because it took me where I’ve never been – the piney woods of Mississippi. However, as a California girl originally, I could relate to the

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