Can’t Be Forgotten

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Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

Last Monday we commemorated those who died in the service of our country. We remembered their character, dedication, and sacrifice.

But we remember other people as well, living and deceased, because they just can’t be forgotten.

We all have them—individuals we remember who

       hurt us or helped us

       betrayed us or bettered us

       left us or loved us.

We rarely have a say in how people affect us, but we do have a say about our focus.

We can choose the good.

We can choose the redemptive.

We can choose the uplifting, even if we have to reach way down to find it.

Today I choose the man I chose, the one with whom I lived many rich and redeeming years.

This is my first year without him in many.

The last time I was without him I was seventeen.

Happy Anniversary, Cowboy.

You helped me, bettered me, and loved me.


I will not forget you.
Isaiah 49:15

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ALT="An Improper Proposal" Mae Ann pulled her apron off and folded it over a chair back. Why hadn’t Cade told her he would not be at breakfast? His absence contradicted his feverish embrace after MacGrath’s visit. She would never forget it, regardless of what happened next. Henry had called her his beloved before he met her. But Cade Parker had rescued her and drawn her into his arms as if she really were. ~An Improper Proposal





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2 thoughts on “Can’t Be Forgotten

  1. Phylis

    Ah Davalynn—Many (most?) of you readers did not know Mike, but I have the privilege of having known him! One terrific guy!!! Do you suppose he is teaching Roger to rope a calf and Roger is teaching him to golf?! We are blessed to know where they are and that we will be with them again! I am grateful you have lots of good memories, maybe even some hard ones, but the Lord has put all those away.
    Hugs, Phylis

    1. davalynn

      Yes, Phylis – I’m sure Mike and Roger and having a great time. Imagine – a perfect, timeless world in God’s continuous presence! No pain, no sickness.


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