Those Who Wait

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Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

Isaiah 40:31 is a familiar verse to me, beautifully poetic about soaring on wings like eagles. It was an underlying theme in one of my novels, The Miracle Tree, and I’ve also written about it for Guideposts publications.

But last week I saw the verse with fresh eyes. I love how that happens—seeing something familiar from a new perspective.

The words that jumped into my heart and wiggled their toes into the mud were the first ten:

Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.

Stop right there.

Forget about flying like an eagle, running a marathon, or walking a mile or four.

I rarely need adrenaline, but I often need strength to take the next breath and press on in the mundane.

God is telling me through this verse that I’ll find that strength when I wait on Him. However, wait is a four-letter word I’d rather not have in my vocabulary.

Can’t I pop an energy pill or guzzle a caffeine-laced beverage? I could eat energy-packed fruit like berries or pound protein-rich drinks. Surely there’s a quicker way to be renewed, rejuvenated, and revitalized.

Not really. Most of the approaches mentioned above wear off and leave us needing more. We can land in a slump, worse off than we were to begin with.

I am not knocking healthy eating. It is definitely a boost we can use. But when it comes to emotional and spiritual strength, food and drink can’t give me what I need.

So I have to take Him at His word. Wait on/for Him. Not drumming my fingers, bouncing my foot, or checking the time every thirty seconds. But waiting, as in looking to the Lord, expecting Him to answer

He says my strength will be renewed.

I’m going to trust Him.


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A hawk screed above them in a spiraling rise. Once it reached its flight point, it tilted off toward higher ground, its broad wings spread wide against a blue backdrop.

Laura relaxed, her head back as she watched the bird. “They ride the thermals, you know.”

“Hmm.” Eli ran his hand over her shoulder, enjoying the softness of her, breathing in her sweet scent. They’d never sat like this as kids. They’d never touched, other than him giving her a hand up or her slugging his arm.

“The heat carries them as it rises.” She sounded like she was trying to convince herself.

“All they do is spread their wings,” he said.

She stiffened and sat up, wonder washing her face. “That’s it!”

“That’s what?” He was quickly losing track of the conversation.

“That’s what I couldn’t figure out.”

“You couldn’t figure out that they spread their wings?”

Something in her retreated, and the mood between them shifted. What had he said? “Tell me what you mean.”

“It’s nothing.” She tugged her ponytail over her shoulder and combed through it with her fingers. “Something I’ve been thinking about for a few days, that’s all.”

“I’ll listen.”

A door closed in her beautiful brown eyes, and the stoicism returned. “Maybe when I understand it better myself.” ~The Miracle Tree


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6 thoughts on “Those Who Wait

  1. Karen Gee

    God loves us so much! He gives us truth to know how to live a better, more peaceful life! It’s our part to actually heed His Words!
    Waiting is hard for most. But the more we practice waiting the easier it is to do.
    And we really need to have our strength renewed-each day in this world as it is today.

    1. davalynn

      So true, Karen. Renewal is key for us.

  2. Thanks for this reminder, Davalynn. In the middle of a really difficult season with one of our sons, I really, really needed this truth poured into my heart tonight.

    1. davalynn

      Oh Jeanne, praise God for His timing. I’m glad these words were a blessing for you from our Lord. He sustains us through those seasons.

  3. Deanna Sturgeon

    Thank you for sharing! That verse was Ty’s favorite! With his Parkinson’s he trusted God would renew his strength! He is free now in Heaven!

    1. davalynn

      How beautiful, Deanna.


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