The Quiet Miracle

By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

Mothers have a way of knowing what their children are capable of.

Mary did.

At that wedding dinner – you know, the one everybody attended – the host ran out of wine.

Not cool.

How do you toast the happy couple without wine or champagne or whatever the featured beverage is?

Water doesn’t cut it.

Mary – a simple woman, not one of the elite – must have been paying attention. She must have noticed that cups weren’t being refilled. She must have noticed that someone was embarrassed.

And so she whispered to her son, “They have no more wine.”

Her son, Jesus, said in essence, “It’s not my problem.”

Her reply?

She turned to the waitstaff, “Do whatever he tells you.”

Then Jesus also addressed the waiters. “Fill those containers with water and pour it out for the host.”

Oh to be a fly on the wall. Can you imagine? Serving water to the wedding planner?

Guaranteed way to lose either your job or your head.

But they did what he said and the host was impressed. Big time.

Guess who got kudos for the great wine. The groom.

Not Jesus.

Not the wedding planner.

No fanfare. No announcement of, “Watch this, he’s going to turn water into wine!”

It was just a simple, quiet miracle resulting from the servers’ obedience to do what they were told.

Only they knew what really happened.

Jesus’ companions figured it out later.

But Mary expected it.

I want faith like that.

Any quiet miracles in your life lately?


John 2:1-11

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