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Staying connected today has never been easier, thanks to technology.

And it’s never been harder.

There’s too much going on. In fact there’s so much going on – so much technological noise – that we can miss the more important connections in our lives. Like those with real people.

Staying connected requires extra effort if we don’t want circumstances to pull us away from what we value. 

Reconnecting takes even more effort. And sometimes, pride gets in our way.

The famous parent-child story in Luke 15 shows the effort made on both sides of a negative situation. Pride could have destroyed their relationship, but neither individual allowed that to happen. The son returned to his father; the father ran to his son.

Most of us have someone in our life we need to reconnect with – family members, old friends. God.

Let’s make the effort. It’s so worth it.

Filled with love and compassion … Luke 15:20


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ALT="Loving the Horseman book cover"Caleb bypassed Main Street and pointed Rooster toward the river. If someone else hadn’t beaten him to it, he’d bed down where he’d spent the previous night.

Campfires flickered in the trees along the bank, and cook smoke made his empty stomach groan. Laughter and happy voices floated downstream.

He grunted, begrudging such people their homeless pleasures. Or maybe they weren’t homeless. Maybe a campsite by the river was home enough if shared with family—like Springer Smith and his folks.

The Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.

Like a red-hot coal, the phrase scorched Caleb’s thoughts. He didn’t miss the irony of having more in common with Christ now than he had all those months at the parsonage. The Women’s Society hadn’t let him miss many meals.

A moonless night shrouded the river, and he settled for an unfamiliar clearing when he saw that his spot had indeed been taken. He hobbled the horses, tied them together, and looped a lead rope around his saddle horn. At least he’d feel it if someone tried to steal them. Or he’d be trampled to death by his startled mounts.

The open fire warmed his face and feet and offered an odd companionship, another voice to counter that of the river, making him feel not so alone. The remains of his jerked beef teased his stomach into true hunger, and he drank several tin cups of water from the cold river. Glittering stars again filled the sky, reminding him that not many such nights remained before storms gathered against the mighty Rocky Mountains. ~Loving the Horseman – Book 1 of The Cañon City Chronicles.



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