Saving time and marshmallows

Tonight at midnight we lose an hour as we set our clocks forward to 1 a.m. Personally, I won’t be awake to spring ahead, and will have already given up those precious sixty minutes.

Airline travelers lose more than an hour when traveling across the international dateline. It is possible to lose an entire day. When I was a child, my father told me if a person kept traveling long enough in that direction, he would disappear completely. Dad’s sense of humor, I suppose.

marshmallows.smallIt matched his tale that marshmallows were made from horse slobber scraped off and shaped into little flat-ended balls.

At least he never told me the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus were real. I didn’t have to unbelieve such things when I grew up—other than the bit about marshmallows.

Happy daylight-saving time, everyone. I’m not sure where it’s being saved, but if you have a great story, I’d love to hear it.

2 thoughts on “Saving time and marshmallows

  1. Hi Davalynn –

    No great stories about Daylight Savings Time here. Like you, I set my clocks earlier in the evening and went to bed on the new time. It saves lost sleep and a lot of crankiness. Susan 🙂

    1. davalynn

      You’re right, Susan. Getting the jump on it helps!


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