My Prayers Are Changing

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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

I believe few would argue that this metaphorical year of perfect “2020” vision has been anything but.

Yet the Lord is still my Shepherd.

In spite of all the misunderstanding, miscommunication, and misguidedness (Is that even a word?) going on around me, the stream of God’s “God-ness” remains. His presence continues to flow beneath and through my life if I let it.

Sometimes I get in the way and clog the channel with worry and stress and strife.

Peace becomes a highly sought-after and rarely found commodity – in greater demand and shorter supply than toilet paper and hand sanitizer ever were.

This shifting of priorities has shifted my prayers. Simplified them, slowed them from frantic requests to thoughtful consideration.

My prayers are changing, and I frequently find a simple trinity of thought rising from my heart. Maybe it’s a sign for me. An indicator of what matters most – or should – if I allow it.

Beyond thanking Him for all He provides, I pray …

Lord, give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand.

Lord, make me bold with strength in my soul.

Lord, may I be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath.

I share these considerations with you this morning, hoping they will usher peace into your life as they have in mine. And perhaps you will find your own simpler prayers resulting in His peace that passes understanding.


God's 'God-ness' remains. Share on X

James 1:19

Psalm 138:3 

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Peeking through her curtains, Gracie let loose a whisper. “Oh Lord, I pray this ain’t lying I’m about to do, but my papa needs a tie that binds his heart up. It’s been hurting for such a long time.”

She smoothed her pillow and quilt, then took all her nine years of knowledge to the kitchen and made biscuits for supper, confident that the Lord heard her prayer. She’d been taught to believe such things since before she could remember. Why, just yesterday the preacher’s words had stirred through her heart, telling her to have faith, to trust God. And she believed those words.

Especially since the preacher was her papa. ~ Mail-order Misfire




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3 thoughts on “My Prayers Are Changing

  1. Phylis

    Thank you Davalynn…I join you in these. Prayer does not need lots of words. Or I should say, God does not need lots of words! In His mercy and understanding, He
    knows our hearts!

    1. davalynn

      Indeed, He does know our heart, Phylis. And I’m so grateful.

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