Life Wins

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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

Last summer, grasshoppers denuded a young aspen tree I had so lovingly planted in the spring. With plague-like precision, they took it down to nothing but trunk and stems.

The lady at the nursery where I bought the tree told me it wasn’t dead.

“Keep watering it,” she said. “It’s just defoliated.”

Watering a “stick” every evening wasn’t exactly encouraging. But by late August, new growth began to show, and I wrote about the tree’s resurrection (here).

This year the little aspen is twice as full of leaves that flutter as only aspen leaves can on a cool evening breeze.

Again, I’m amazed by the regenerative properties that flowed through it even though I thought it was done in.

That’s the power of Life. And that’s the power of the Life of Christ in us.

When we think we’re done in, if He lives within us, we live too.

Don’t give up. Life wins.


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