Dying can be easy…

… especially for the believer who knows his God awaits him.

Death of the human body, of a dream, of a goal—not necessarily painless, but easy if one lets go in faith. The death is not an end, but the beginning of a new life, a new dream, a new goal. A new direction that perhaps we didn’t see before.

But what if death does not come? What if transition tarries, and it’s hard, really hard? Then what? Do we believe God is with us still, in the rehab ward where progress is measured in centimeters? In the cold dark desert where ideas once flourished and only partial thoughts remain? In the bleak job market where no one seems to want our skills?

Will we take God at His word and believe that He is with us even there?

The dilemma is centuries old. We can choose to be Job or we can choose to be his wife.

Perhaps the road God asks us to walk is one of faithfulness in spite of pain, frustration, or defeat.

Are we called to support and encourage yet see no measurable improvement? Then encourage we must.

Are we called to pray yet see no answers to our prayers? Then pray we must.

Are we called to sing, yet no one is around to hear our songs? Then sing we must.

Christ is with us in the hard way. His presence abides. It is a matter of trust and when we lean into him through the fog that dims our sight, we feel His warmth, His strength.

He is there. He is faithful.

It is a lesson we learn in the living.


“I will never leave you nor forsake you.” –Jesus

8 thoughts on “Dying can be easy…

  1. True, and a good reminder, Davalynn.

    1. davalynn

      Thanks for reading, Janet.

  2. Rona

    Thanks Davalynn. Attending to the dying and grieving for the dead in 2014 reaffirmed my faith in the Holy Trinity and helped me accept what is. Looking forward to healing in 2015. Keep up the good work!

    1. davalynn

      Yes, Rona. If our eyes are open, we will see God there.

  3. So true my friend

    1. davalynn

      Yes, my friend. Thank you.

  4. God is our Hope! Sometimes our only hope. We never give up when we know how much He loves us! It’s a win-win situation when we realize all that God has promised us.

    1. davalynn

      So true, Karen.


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