Did You Mean What You Said?

“Have a god start to your day.”

Oops. That wasn’t what I meant to say, but it was too late. No taking back the words once you hit “send.”

My thumbs are fatter than the virtual keys on my smartphone. That’s why the text I sent my friend had a typo that changed the message.

I meant to say “Have a good start to your day.” But as I watched the message box turn blue to an accompanying musical “whoop,” I realized the words winging away were better than my original intention.

Isn’t that just like God? What He has in mind is better than anything I come up with.

So here’s wishing you a God start to your day.


Take a moment. Begin with Him.

He’ll change everything.

The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.

Prov. 16:9