Are You Hearing From God?

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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

Are we hearing from God?

We often ask, “How do I know when God is speaking to my heart? How do I know if I’m hearing from Him?”

This is a critical question when we’re seeking His will, and I admit, I’ve missed it. I’ve misread or misheard or haven’t paid attention. But over the years I’ve also learned some valuable tips, and one is voice.

“Voice” is more than sound propelled by breath through the vocal cords. It is the way one speaks – sentence structure, inflection, and word choice. People also use “voice” when they write, revealing recognizable traits such as phraseology, wit, and wordiness or lack thereof.

Author JK Rowling’s “voice” was recognized when she wrote a new series under the pseudonym (pen name) Robert Galbraithe. Some say she was outed by fans. A forensic linguist reportedly verified her authorship via computer.

The point is, there were telling signs in the way Rowling wrote even though she used a different name.

On the flip side, when a writer uses someone else’s words and claims them as his or her own, it’s called plagiarism.

When I taught English composition at the college, I warned my students about plagiarism. Not only is it against school policy, it is also illegal and can land an offender in jail with a heavy fine.

What my students didn’t understand was the identity of their voice. I could easily tell when they lifted an essay from an online site offering to write papers for a fee. Results of such a choice were failure of my class and expulsion from the college.

We learn people’s speech patterns by spending time with them and listening to them talk. We recognize their written words by reading them and getting to know how they word certain phrases. Sometimes the traits are small and easily missed, but they are there, nonetheless.

So it is with God.

Do I spend time with Him, reading what He has to say? Do I talk with Him in prayer and listen? Do I pay attention to His handiwork around me? If I do these things, I become more familiar with Him and I’m more likely to recognize his voice.

God does not contradict Himself. He will not say one thing and do another. We may think He does at times, but it’s our misunderstanding or impatience that muddles the message.

He walked and talked in the garden with Adam and Eve

He spoke through a flaming bush to Moses

He whispered on the mountain to Elijah

David the psalmist and Job the ancient refer to God’s voice as thunder, and a day will come when all the inhabitants of Earth will hear that thunder and the wind of His approach.

Until then, read what He’s already said in His letters to us. Look for Him in the quiet. Find Him in the stillness. He’s waiting to share His voice with you.


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4 thoughts on “Are You Hearing From God?

  1. Phylis

    Sooo good. Thanks Davalynn!

    1. davalynn

      Thank you for sharing, Phylis. Blessings to you.

  2. Karen Gee

    Great post. We all want to hear from God.
    Tim Tebow also had a post on this subject recently. He said, God has an infinite number of ways to speak to us. He uses His Word. He uses people. He uses worship. He may just be leading us. Never lose faith. Be obedient. God is with us and He is faithful.

    1. davalynn

      Amen, Karen. God is not limited in the ways He speaks to His children. Nor is He limited by what is going on in our world.


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