7 delights in The Columbine Bride

1. Relax with a quick summer romance before summer is over

2. Escape to a simpler time (Not easier, just simpler!)

3. Experience (vicariously) a Colorado summer storm

4. Stir up some strawberry lemonade (recipe in my newsletter)

5. Enjoy the fragile beauty of Colorado’s blue columbines

6. Fall in love with a cowboy

7. Trust God’s leading on an unexpected path


The heroine of the The Columbine Bride, Lucy Powell, asks the Lord to make very clear to her the “path of life” – which way she should go, what choices she should make. The trouble is it’s not always as clear as she’d like.

Ever been there?




2 thoughts on “7 delights in The Columbine Bride

  1. I did pray to God two years ago to guide me the right way and to stay close by my side if I happen to fall off. I feel God will help me but I have to help myself. I knew the right way way with honesty. It was a serious matter, two lives at stake, it turned out right.
    I have a hard time relaxing been that way all my life but I do like a good romance.
    I love falling in love with a cowboy in each book I read! Pssst! In real life I’ve been in love with a cowboy all my life, in my dreams! lol! Ever since I was little I wanted to marry a cowboy, it never happen, but I can dream!
    I’m going to try the strawberry lemonade, love flavored lemonade. Thanks for the recipe!
    I’d love to read your books and this one “12 Brides of Summer” first.

    1. davalynn

      Thanks for reading, Donna. I pray your faith and trust in the Lord continue to grow. Enjoy the lemonade!


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