The Faithful Witness


By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

It’s amazing what one may chance to see
when taking a puppy out to pee.

Now you know why I’m not a poet.

Poetry aside, life rhythms have changed for me over the last few wintry weeks.

One late night as I stood bundled up and shivering in the backyard, I watched my new canine companion with an impatient eye, willing him to take care of business so we could go back inside to the warm woodstove.

Intent on an objective I dearly hoped was also his, I focused on the snowy ground where we stood.

And then I looked up.

Moonrise took my breath in a gasp.

I almost missed it. In my urgency and impatience I almost missed the quiet splendor of the moon rising beyond the trees, a silent observer of our night-time trek.

Psalm 89:37 calls the moon God’s faithful witness. The psalmist speaks of the unending lineage of King David when he says, “Like the moon it shall be established forever, a faithful witness in the skies.”

I see a double-edged meaning in the phrase. Is it a faithful witness who testifies truthfully or one who observes an event? I believe either interpretation is fitting.

I wish I were more observant. When I’m focused on something, I often miss the beauty around me, not only physically, but spiritually as well.

If I’m focused on bad news, I miss the promise of God’s comfort. If I’m focused on what I want that hasn’t happened yet, I miss the peace of His presence.

But if I can look up more often, rather than down, I may be surprised at how He lifts my heart with unexpected beauty.

Even when taking a pup out to pee.


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6 thoughts on “The Faithful Witness

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    1. davalynn

      Absolutely, Marjorie. Thanks for reading!

  2. Nancy Crowley

    I’ve been away, for a season it seems, of not reading your emails.
    I so love reading your News Letters.
    Is this a new series? Thank you for Keeping Western Romances flowing, and God’s Romance to us, His Favorite Kid.

    His Favorite child….ME!
    (when YOU read that statement, it’s YOU too!)

    1. davalynn

      Thank you, Nancy. I’m glad you’re back! And it’s nice to hear that you enjoy my quarterly newsletter. Yes – we are God’s favorites. Each and every one of us!

  3. Karen Gee

    I can relate to your not being observant. Too much to do. In a hurry.
    I need to stop and “smell the roses”!
    Or observe God’s creation more!
    Or just stop to feel God’s presence in my life.
    Thank you for your wisdom!

    1. davalynn

      Amen, Karen. Thanks for stopping by.


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