Do Not Be Afraid
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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer Some people like to be frightened and enjoy watching horror movies or reading scary stories. Maybe it’s because they know the scenarios are not real and they feel safe and relieved after the faux fright. Halloween is our most traditional fright night – a

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The Rest of the Story
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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer As an author who lacks sketching and painting skills, I often sidestep artsy remarks by confessing that the only thing I draw is a conclusion. Joking aside, I believe this holds true for many of us. We are sometimes quick to judge, infer, or

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Washed Up or Starting Fresh?
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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer Fifteen years ago I took my greenhorn self to a California writers conference, where I met with a well-known author for a “one-on-one.” It was the equivalent of a preschooler sitting down with a Ph.D. professor for a career pep-talk. “What do you write?”

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A New Contemporary Cowboy Romance – free for a few days!
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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer It’s here – and free for a few days – my new contemporary cowboy Christmas romance. It may seem early for a Christmas story but it’s never too early for love. Nor is it too late. See what readers are saying: “What a poignant,

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Path of Life
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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer Of the eighteen novels and novellas I’ve written over the past twelve years, a predominant theme in my characters’ lives has been finding direction. Choosing the right path. A few of my heroines have known exactly what they wanted and headed straight for it.

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