One Blessing After Another


By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

About this time every year, an unusual looking fruit appears in the produce section of the super market—one that I first sampled at my grandparents’ farm in California. Pomegranates.

The only attractive thing about the appearance of a pomegranate is its exquisite garnet color.

Beyond that, the round, tough-skinned fruit isn’t exactly pretty, but its ruby insides are sweet, juicy, and nutty all at the same time. It is truly an unusual fruit.

Of the six tree fruits mentioned in the Hebrew Bible—grapes, figs, olives, pomegranates, dates, and apples—the unattractive pomegranate was chosen by God to adorn the High Priest’s garment that was worn in service at the Tabernacle.

Later, when Solomon built a more permanent temple, the capitals of two bronze pillars were decorated with pomegranates, as many as 200 pomegranates per pillar.

It seems like grape clusters would have been more elegant. Or apples. Yet, in my wondering about why God chose pomegranates rather than something prettier, I missed the obvious.

The other five fruits mentioned bear seeds in the flesh of each fruit, from one to several, depending on the variety.

But beneath the leathery skin of the pomegranate, there is nothing but seeds.

Much has been written about the symbolism associated with pomegranates. Here are a couple of sites with information: 

Biblical Archaeology


When I look at this unusual fruit decorating my dining table in the fall, I like to think of it as a globe of goodness.  The sweet, nutty seeds just keep coming, one after the other, like God’s many blessings.

“From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another” (John 1:16).  


ALT="Loving the Horseman book cover"


At least she and Daddy could get warm and be out of the crisp fall air. The acknowledgement settled like a thick quilt against her soul, reminding her that small blessings were still blessings.             ~Loving the Horseman





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2 thoughts on “One Blessing After Another

  1. Hi Davalynn!

    I have long thought of the pomegranate
    as the one fruit that was forbidden in the
    Garden of Eden not the apple!!! Why? The
    ugly outside, hiding the delicious inside…
    it was difficult to get to (another blessing
    from God!), not obviously desirable. But oh
    so sweet and delightful when you open it!
    Pomegranates are just about my favorite
    fruit! Thank goodness it’s OK to eat them
    now! 😀

  2. Yes, Phylis. I’ve read of others who have also had the same idea about the pomegranate being the forbidden fruit. (As a kid I thought it was persimmons!) And I’m with you – they are delicious, and so good for us.


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