From the Rising of the Sun


By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

It happened again.

I’m sure you noticed when you had to get up earlier.

Due to Daylight Saving Time, we “lost” an hour of sleep Saturday night so it could be saved.

How are we saving daylight?

Where is it being stored?

Is there a safety deposit box that holds all those lost hours?

State legislatures and the U.S. Senate have tried for several years to get the clock locked, but Congress can’t agree.

An article by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine suggests the transition to Daylight Saving Time is unhealthy and potentially dangerous due to its negative effects on human biorhythms.

It is the position of the AASM that the U.S. should eliminate seasonal time changes in favor of a national, fixed, year-round time. Current evidence best supports the adoption of year-round standard time, which aligns best with human circadian biology and provides distinct benefits for public health and safety.

What if everyday American citizens decided not to change their clocks and kept everything the way it was? Arizona, Hawaii, and several other nations of the world have done so and they didn’t fall off the map.

Here, on our little farm, the hands of the clock may advance an hour, but our donkey and goats won’t be moved from their daily routine. Birds will wake with the sunrise every morning in spite of what the alarm clock says. They don’t give up an hour in the spring and add one in the fall.

So our human lives are unsettled once again by outside pressures, yet those pressures cannot disrupt the Word of our Lord who set in motion the rising and setting of the sun as earth orbits it. In spite of what schedules and systems appear and disappear over the eons, our God remains unshaken, unmoved.

As the psalmist has said,

But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in Your hands; (Psalm 31:14-15).

Thank God, my times are still in His hands and not the hands of a clock.


From the rising of the sun
to the place where it sets,
the name of the LORD
is to be praised.
Psalm 113:3

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ALT="An Improper Proposal"

Cade’s shoulder screamed for relief, but he refused to let go of Mae Ann. The soft warmth of her through her rain-soaked blouse and skirt reminded him again that life was more than cattle and land, rustlers and renegades. Lying in the mud beneath the wagon, he thanked God for bringing her to him. For he was finally convinced that the Lord had done exactly that.

And Cade had almost lost her.

He shuddered at the thought and kissed the top of her head cradled on his throbbing arm. He’d slept in spurts, but now dawn brightened the horizon and birds chirped from the brush as if there had been no storm at all.

Mae Ann pulled away and opened her eyes. She pushed herself up on her elbow and smiled at him, and it warmed him to his very core.

“It’s over.” She crawled out, leaving him profoundly empty.

He rolled out the other side and pulled himself to his feet only to be met by her hand-smothered snort across the wagon bed.


She laughed, tried to stop, but laughed harder. “You’re … you’re … covered in mud!”

He cut her a squinted look as he rounded the back of the wagon. She giggled and backed away, playing like a young woman with her suitor. Turning to run, she slipped, but he caught her and lifted her off her feet.

“You’re not exactly spotless yourself, Mrs. Parker.” ~An Improper Proposal

Inspirational Western Romance – where the hero is heroic.

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6 thoughts on “From the Rising of the Sun

  1. Diana

    Amen. I look forward to your weekly email and even though I don’t often comment, I just want you to know that your blog is edifying and I appreciate you.

    May God continue to bless you with the many gifts that you use to draw us closer to Him. 🙏🏻

    1. davalynn

      Thank you, Diana. I’m so glad these posts are a blessing to you!

  2. Karen Gee

    We are bound by time on this earth. But God is not bound by time.
    It’s hard to comprehend an eternal life with Jesus and God the Father.
    That’s God’s plan for all believers. The Book of Revelation gives us a glimpse of what He has in store for us. It sounds glorious! No more changing of the clocks!

    1. davalynn

      I’m looking forward to it, Karen!

  3. Laura

    I am quite in awe of the number of blogs you have written and posted – in addition to your novel writing.

    Thank you, Davalynn, for the beauty of your faith, discernment, and word pictures that are an encouragement to me and so many others, I am sure.

    Through a decades-long cancer journey, I have learned to trust in our Great Physician and unchanging Lord. At the same time, as I navigate daily life, this blog post and many of your others give me additional strength and inspiration.

    I appreciate your ministry a great deal.

    1. davalynn

      Thank you, Laura. I rejoice with you in His faithfulness that you have experienced so richly, and I’m so glad these posts are an encouragement. Blessings to you.


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