Forget New Year’s – We Have Spring!

Springtime in cow country means the babies are running and romping.

I love watching them bound away from their mamas, squiggley tails straight up like a cat’s, then bound right back again. They exemplify the season’s name: Spring!

These calves have convinced me that this is the season for new beginnings, not New Year’s. This is the time we need to take stock of our lives and lay out a plan of resolution.

As for the lists we all made in January—no wonder they’re so hard to follow. Those days are cloudy and gloomy (unless you live Down Under).

Who wants to start over when you’d rather just sleep in?

But spring? Oh, yes. How much more appropriate with its vibrant, living metaphors of renewal sprouting in the bulb garden and singing from the trees.

“Behold!” said He who sits on the throne. “I make all things new” (Rev. 21:5).

Personally, I’m planting flowers, ordering a load of crushed rock for the driveway, and working on a new novel.

What would you like to start fresh with this spring?



2 thoughts on “Forget New Year’s – We Have Spring!

  1. Oh, Davalynn, I can see them romping. And such great photos. Thank you, a VERY cold wind is wailing here in IA on Palm Sunday, and it’s kind of gloomy. I’d like to start fresh with a new attitude about publishing. How’s that?
    I hope health has been restored at your house, and wish you the best.

    Take care,


    1. davalynn

      Gail – hopefully Easter will wash away the gloomy skies there. And in the publishing world! Our attitudes – wow, exactly what we need to renew. Blessings~


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