Can’t do? Think again.

Have you ever been stuck between a rock and a hard place? This tongue-in-cheek cliché is our go-to phrase when times are tough.

When we feel wedged in a difficult situation, pressed upon by immovable obstacles and opposition, we begin to doubt that we can do what we thought we were called to do. Other people are so much better at what we aspire to. Why should we push against the hard place? Why try?

Tree5 small

Both pictures show the same tree. In the second one, note the golden cottonwoods in the background flaming along a mountain creek. Now look at the gnarled and knotted juniper twisting up out of ancient rock. As beautiful as the cottonwoods are, they do not inspire me like the old weathered conifer.

The autumn foliage is breathtakingly beautiful, but the cottonwoods grow easily by the water, unencumbered and unopposed. The juniper shows me that the rock and the hard place can also be fertile ground. And when I climb up to that hard place, high above the flowing stream, I see that God is not hampered in His purposes there.

Sometimes God has to move me to change my perspective. It’s then I see things I never would have seen otherwise.

Let’s not underestimate God’s ability to use us wherever we are.

Philippians 4:11-13

4 thoughts on “Can’t do? Think again.

  1. Great article, Davalynn! Definitely something I needed to hear today.

  2. davalynn

    Thanks, Jill. I appreciate you commenting.

  3. Karen Gee

    It’s good to remember God is always with us whether we are going through easy times or we are stuck in the hard place. We should praise Him whatever the circumstances. Sometimes the hard places are the places where we can grow the most. Persevere, but give it to God.

    1. Amen, Karen. He is so faithful.


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