Be Still and Know

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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

There is a lot of clamoring right now. Have you heard it?

A lot of noise. A lot of posturing and pointing, criticism and chaos.

None of it is new. It’s all happened before, many times, in fact. And God’s antidote is the same:

            Be still …

When the mountains of man’s scheming tumble into the sea,

            God is there.

When the faulty foundations of our plans crack and crumble,

            God is there.

And when we quiet ourselves before our Maker and cease our incessant shrieking,

            God is there.

He is bigger than all the noise around us.

It could be that when we are still, we not only hear His voice more clearly, we also become a reflection of His peace.

Take heart, be still, and know that the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is God …

and He is there.

Be still
and know that
I am God.
I will
be exalted
among the nations,
I will
be exalted
in the earth.
Psalm 46:10

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A tender Thanksgiving tale.

An old pain throbbed to life behind his ribs, and he shoved it back in the shadows and opened the ledger book. Black and white was easier to deal with. Facts, figures. He flipped to the last page where he’d started an account of Etta’s wages, such as they were. She did things that money couldn’t touch, like taking to Gracie as if the girl were her own. Teaching her more than just chores in the kitchen and helping her with her sewing. They’d sit with him in the evenings, stitching and whispering while he read. What they didn’t know was that he watched them as much as he read. Maybe more.

With warmer weather, they’d all moved from the parlor to the front porch after supper. Etta and Gracie in the swing, him in a kitchen chair until dusk swallowed the daylight. He’d never felt so peaceful as he did at those times, and he knew it was all on account of Etta Collier. Her sharp wit and tender ways. Her quick humor. Sometimes it felt as if she’d always been there, and more often than not, when he looked in her eyes, he saw Gracie.

He slapped the ledger closed, stuck his hat on, and left his accounts unsettled. ~Mail-Order Misfire – a tender Thanksgiving tale.

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5 thoughts on “Be Still and Know

  1. Alicia Haney

    Amen. Your book sounds and looks like a really good read. Have a Great week. And Thank you so much for this Inspirational post. God Bless you and your family.

    1. davalynn

      Thank you, Alicia. Blessings to you as well.

  2. Michelle Williams

    Thank you….smile
    May The Lord Bless You and Yours Always

    1. davalynn

      And to you, Michelle. Thanks for reading!

  3. Karen

    More than ever we need to be still and trust God. It seems like everything is upside down. Good is evil and evil is good (just as the Word says will happen in the end times.)
    Jesus talks about the end times. The Book of Revelation shows us God’s plan. Believers have the Hope of eternity with Him. Non-believers will endure God’s wrath as He deals with sinners that will not repent during the Tribulation.
    Trusting God will give us peace in these trying times.


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