All I Want

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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

Have you ever wanted something so simple that it crosses all barriers of time and culture?

I have. Fire.

            The warmth of a wood stove on a cold spring morning.

            The campfire of a cowboy who rolls out his ground sheet and blanket while dry wood snaps in the flames.

            The glowing coals of a shepherd’s camp in Judean hills, where he beds down his flock, cooks an evening meal, falls asleep to the song of a nearby stream.

Such fire, found also in well-chosen words, does more than warm the body.

Lately, I find myself shying away from those whose words contain no flame. I find myself seeking the power of story, and I wonder if that power is what drew crowds millennia ago from their daily lives to the words of the Galilean.

To the One who built fires of hope in their hearts.         

It’s that intimacy I long for, sitting in the presence of One who can show me how to do life simply.

With peace.

With purpose.

With clarity.

Sometimes, that’s all I want.

What do you want?


“Were not our hearts burning within us as he talked with us on the road?”
Luke 24:32 NIV

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The breeze danced downstream and shivered through the trees. Caleb’s campfire was not the only glow along the river, and he was grateful for its warmth.

As he cut open his last can of beans, he counted a half dozen flickering lights scattered up and down the banks. ~Loving the Horseman – Book 1 of the Canon City Chronicles – FREE





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