When “no” becomes “yes”

Every January I switch out my desktop calendar, looking back through the previous year to transfer birth dates and other important information.

This year, instead of a simple transfer of dates, the endeavor became a time of praise and awe and thanksgiving.

For example, last January I sent a proposal for a short pioneer-Christmas story, hoping it would be selected for an anthology by a major publisher. It was not selected. However, that story became the first in a three-book series picked up by another major publisher. All three books release this year, the first one in February—all because the first publisher said “no.” new book_2

In September, my husband and I moved into our long-awaited home, and we have been surprised by all the little things here that fit our needs so perfectly. Yet as I looked back through the first half of my 2013 calendar, I saw note after note of appointments with realtors to see a house I thought at the time was the perfect one for us. It became a discouraging drudgery, and I nearly gave up hope. So many “no’s.”

“God has something for us,” my husband said one day.

for sale_2And He did. Without all those other “no’s” we would not have pressed on to find the home we now enjoy.

It’s so disappointing to hear “no,” but God can turn it into a wonderful “yes.”

Are there any “no’s” in your life that have prepared you for “yes”? Are you still waiting? Or have you received the fabulous “yes”? I’d love to hear about them.

4 thoughts on “When “no” becomes “yes”

  1. A great year! So happy for you Davalynn. And may this year bring you lots of surprises and much joy!

  2. davalynn

    Thanks so much, Diana. God’s surprises are indeed something to be excited about. May you have many, too!

  3. What an eventful year for you! I love looking back at my calendar, too. However, I hope this year I can write ‘publishing contract signed, in one of the months.

    1. That’s what I love about the calendar, Linda. It’s almost like a journal of answered prayers. Don’t give up – that day will come.


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