What’s your perspective?

Every Easter brings to mind the years my family participated in a passion play at our church. Those re-enactments of key events in the life of Christ left an indelible mark on my heart.

I played the part of a woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. In the play, I also stood at the foot of the cross during a theatrically realistic portrayal of the crucifixion. What struck me was my character’s varying perspective.

That woman had held Jesus’ dusty feet in her hands, kneeling over them and weeping. She had seen them up close and worshipped her Lord with an act of servitude and adoration.

If she stood at the cross with others when Christ was crucified, as I did in the play, she would have seen those same feet—up close again, but this time bearing a brutal, unnatural wound. Did she reach up and wipe away the blood?

Such contrast: looking down in adoration and looking up in despair.

Three days later, she may have gained yet another perspective while looking in with wonder at the empty tomb.

What do you see during the Easter season? I pray that your perspective is one of faith and fresh hope in our risen Lord as you consider again that He lives.


Read more about the woman in Luke 7:36-50.


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4 thoughts on “What’s your perspective?

  1. Davalynn, your observations on Easter parallel my own. For the last twenty years I have been doing a one-man drama, “The Centurion’s Report” in which I play the role of the centurion who confessed, “Truly, this man was the Son of God.” That play led me to write the award-winning novel, The Soldier, the Terrorist & the Donkey King. You can check it out on my website. Every Easter we need to see the events of Christ’s passion through fresh eyes.

    1. davalynn

      Absolutely, David. I have written a story from the perspective of this woman who washed Jesus’ feet. Perhaps someday it will be a book like yours. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Davalynn, what a lovely story! You helped me to realize that just as Mary washed the feet of Jesus with her tears, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples prior to his Passion. This beautifies the second greatest commandment: Love thy neighbor as thyself. Would that we all endeavored to wash one other’s feet; it’s surely the key to heaven, and why He died for us on the Cross so that we could live. And tomorrow, He will rise again! Enjoy your Easter.

    1. davalynn

      Thank you, Kate. I love this season, because I hear Him “whispering” all around me – from the flowers in my yard to the reading of the “old, old story.” Thanks for stopping by!


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