Welcome to Cowboy Country

Our dear friends, Mark and Lynne Schricker, took my husband and me on a picnic-lunch tour of true Cowboy Country last week – the country of my heart and the country that serves as the setting for my recent book, Branding the Wrangler’s Heart.

Hop in the back of the pickup for a fresh-air ride and pretend you’re a kid again. Or take a deep, clear breath, let go of life’s clamor and clutter, and imagine you’re trailing cows to the home ranch, enjoying the scenery and just “airing out” as Lynne puts it.

Welcome to the ranch and the winter feeding grounds…   DSC_0006

Not far from here stands an old cabin built by an early rancher.

DSC_1036    DSC_1073

And Mama, look! There’s water right at the house, out in the front yard, closer than the privy. DSC_1039   No walking to the creek.

A modern cabin stands nearby  DSC_1061 with a solid foundation that keeps everything upright.


If only these old cedar-pole corrals could talk .  DSC_1076   DSC_1083  I’d love to hear their stories about the way it used to be.  DSC_1090    DSC_1094

The hazy Sangre de Cristos raise their snowy peaks in farewell as we say good-bye to the high parks.

DSC_1108 Indian paintbrush and mountain lupineDSC_1100    DSC_1111 help soften the sadness of leaving.

But in my dreams … and in my books … I’ll be living here. DSC_1095

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