The Two Josephs

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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

When we think of the first Christmas (which was not called that at the time), we usually think of Mary and the infant Jesus huddled somewhere on the outskirts of an over-crowded Bethlehem during the first century.

No light other than oil or candle. No bedding other than straw and cloak. No heat other than the body and breath of animals.

But what of Mary’s husband, the carpenter? Joseph. A man clearly not in control of the situation.

Joseph was poor. Forced by the government to appear in his hometown for a census, he traveled there with his fiancé who was carrying someone else’s baby, and now he was sleeping in a barn.

However, he’d been hand-picked for the job.

He could have said, “Not my baby, not my problem.” But he didn’t.

Thirtythree years later another man named Joseph showed up on the scene. Important and wealthy, he was stirred by the words of a carpenter-turned-teacher who died because of those words. The teacher had no home, much less a burial place, so Joseph provided one and covered the cost of the burial.

He could have said, “Not my relative, not my responsibility.” But he didn’t.

In this story of the two Josephs, we see men who were listening. Men who were paying attention. Men who were doing the best they could with what they had but were willing to bookend the entry and exit of God’s son on earth.

They were the kind of men God chose to care for His only begotten at birth and death. One sheltered a helpless infant, one cared for a lifeless body.

Both held Messiah in their arms.

As we consider the two Josephs, may we ask ourselves how we will care for the Creator. Will He have the best that we can give? Is He welcome in the best we have to offer – our very own hearts?

Or is He not our baby this Christmas season? Not our problem.

The Two Josephs:
Matthew 1:18-2:23; Luke 2:1-24
Matthew 27:57-60;  John 19:38-42

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