The Lord is My Trail Boss

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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

God’s word has a way of reaching our soul, touching specific notes that respond to His call. Even if we don’t speak Hebrew or Greek or the King’s English.

Even if we live on the other side of the world from where His scriptures were first copied down.

Even if we’re a cowboy—like an ol’ crusty codger called Deacon who’d spent countless miles in the saddle.

Deacon is a fictional character of my making, but I believe he embodies many big-hearted men who have bowed their head to their Maker.

In Deacon’s translation, the scriptures sound different, but their meaning is the same. His imagery fits his life, full of things he’s familiar with.

Isn’t that the way the Lord spoke to the people of Palestine? In pictures they could understand?  

People from every nation and tongue hear His words in their own language. Why not a cowboy, speaking over the grave of a good man gunned down?

Who knows if somewhere, sometime in the Western past, similar words weren’t offered from such an open and rugged heart …

“The Lord is my shepherd

I shall not want.

He beds me down in green pastures

with sweet water …

He leads me on a good trail

and stays with me in the tight places …

And the Lord’s spread will be

my home forever.”

I wonder if this is what the Lord intended when he poured His songs into the Psalmist’s heart.

This week, take a moment away from the world’s noise, and write out the Twenty-Third Psalm with words that paint the picture of your life. You might just see how close the Lord is to you after all.

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She raised her eyes to Deacon, taking in his cattleman’s words that weren’t exactly what the parson would say but sure enough painted a picture of these high mountain parks.                                                           —from An Improper Proposal




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