Let’s Get Creative!


Something we wish we had more of, right?

Today I’m hosting author and speaker Karen Whiting who’s written a fun book of craft ideas for girls. Check out her suggestions for finding God’s creative spark in the New Year.
I love creativity and always feel that letting myself go to be creative unleashes my soul and spirit.

One aspect of creativity is your frame of mind

· Let go of the critical spirit that put down your ideas. Let go of worry about what people might say or how they’ll respond.

· Be ready to fail at times. Thomas Edison had at least 99 failures before he invented the light bulb. He clung to his dream and kept trying. So be persistent.

· Dream big and write down all your ideas, no matter how crazy some may seem.

· Be playful. I like to walk through a craft store and touch the materials and look at the supplies (like types of glue). I like to play with children and listen to their comments. All of this gives way to creative ideas and to the crafts in my books for girls.

Creativity builds on knowledge and skill

· Thomas Edison was a scientist and did study materials and how things work. Basic knowledge lets us learn to add our own touches and then turn our own visions into reality. Once you can sew you can add your own embellishments or little changes to a pattern. Once you experiment in the sewing you can create your own patterns.

· Consider skills you possess, whether cooking, gardening, or work-related skills. Then consider what you can do with your ability that you have not tried before and go for it.

Creativity is bigger than one type of art

· Often a person considers creativity as only being able to draw, write, or compose. But creativity is the art of developing something different and the art of being able to see other possibilities or alternatives.

· So, creativity includes people who are creative at organization, diplomacy, and hospitality, and those who come up with fun activities.

· Creativity also applies to people who solve problems and find solutions.

God is the author of creativity

· God looked over the earth and saw chaos. Yet he dreamed and envisioned what could be and created his vision—a world of variety. He saw color and splashed that onto flowers, people, and the sky. He saw movement and created joints, limbs, and wind that moves. He saw possibilities in creating people with minds to think and create.

· My life verse is Ephesians 3:16 which begins:
We pray that God out of his glorious riches
will strengthen you with power
through his spirit in your inner being . . .

Think on those words. God’s riches include his mind and creativity. His power includes his creative power. And his spirit is sent to enrich your life and guide you. I believe this reminds us that prayer can bring out creativity and strengthen us to persevere. I have always prayed when I needed ideas, and the prayers always unleashed ideas.

May this year be a creative one for you!

To buy Karen’s book, My Mini Dream Room, click this link to Amazon.
To learn more about Karen, her books, and her speaking topics, visit her at http://www.karenwhiting.com