God of One

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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

Do you believe God is the God of one?

Some may say that’s a self-centered way of looking at things, focusing on what God has done for you or me alone.

Maybe not.

In a women’s Bible study I attend, we recently worked through the book, MATCHLESS, by Angie Smith. She points out that in a crowd, Jesus always managed to find the one.

Consider those He healed or comforted:

the woman who touched his garment in the press of many people

the lame man at the pool among others there

the thief on the cross next to Him, where onlookers mocked or wept

Think about some of the one-on-one conversations Jesus had:


the woman at the well

Pontius Pilate

Jesus did what His Father did when He reached out to the one.

God spoke to




He answered the prayer of

a shepherd

a king

a barren woman

How often we think we are too unimportant for God to notice, yet Jesus said a single sparrow cannot fall without God’s awareness of it.

“So don’t be afraid, “ He added. “you are worth more than many sparrows.” 

When we call out to Him, He hears our solitary voice, even in the roar of a crowd.

Whoever believes in Him …” 


That means you.


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Cheering broke through Ronnie’s reverie as booted bridesmaids in sassy gowns and groomsmen wearing starched jeans and sunflower boutonnieres lined up for dancing. Guests made their way to the food, and Ronnie worked relay between the braised ribs table and the sweet tea and lemonade. Her mother held down the appetizer fort, and Felicity stood guard at the three-tiered waterfall of sunflowers on the wedding cake.

Perfection reigned. And Ronnie had never felt more alone in her life. ~”Taste and See” from Always a Wedding Planner


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4 thoughts on “God of One

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh!! This is so true!!!! I never thought of things this way!!

    Thank you!

    1. davalynn

      Glad it was a blessing, Jennifer.

  2. Karen Gee

    Jesus said that he would leave the 99 and go look for the ONE that is lost.
    We are ALL precious to him.
    Jesus died on the cross for each of us. He gave each of us the opportunity for eternal life with him.
    We should never think any less of ourselves than Jesus does.

    1. davalynn

      So true, Karen.


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