A Different Perspective

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By Davalynn Spencer @davalynnspencer

Have you heard of the two-week rule?

I often refer to it when deciding how I like a new purchase, the rearrangement of furniture, or a questionable repair job.

The rule goes like this:

            “Give it two weeks. If you don’t notice it anymore, leave it.”

How often do we become so accustomed to situations that we no longer “see” them? We can miss what is right under our nose. Or above our nose, as the case may be.

I live near Pikes Peak, commonly referred to as America’s Mountain, because it inspired Katherine Lee Bates to pen the  poem-turned-song, “America the Beautiful.” For much longer than two weeks, I went about daily life in the shadow of Colorado’s famous fourteener—several years, in fact. It had become common, like a leaning fence or crooked picture on the wall.

A few summers ago, I decided to take a long look at that mountain from a different perspective: on top.

I rode the nine-mile Cog Railway out of Manitou Springs—the perfect way to see the majestic mountain. No winding roads or hairpin curves. Just straight up, relatively speaking.

Many lesser ridges lead to the 14,115-foot, pink-granite summit, and the view along the way demonstrates the old cliché—breathtaking.

But I’m glad I took the time to gain a new appreciation for the splendor of God’s handiwork. Along the railway, I saw a caved-in log cabin from the 1800s, fallen trees, bare rock faces, and foot trails. I saw things I couldn’t see from a distance, yet I also saw distance itself, as in the state of Kansas. At least it seemed that way while looking east with a 14,000-foot bird’s-eye view.

It’s all about perspective.

Is there something in your life that you’ve been living with for a long time and need to see from a different angle?

Ask God to show you the view.

Before the mountains were born
or you brought forth the whole world,
from everlasting to everlasting you are God.
Psalm 90:2


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A Change of Scenery by author Davalynn Spencer“It’s beautiful here. So clean.”

“Unless it comes a storm and you get caught in it without your slicker,” Cale said.

Ella looked up at him, concern pinching her face. “Really? That fast? Can’t you see it coming in time?”

“Oh, you can see it coming. Same way you can see a cougar leaping at you from a high rock.”

She shuddered and gripped her elbows but kept walking, a slight limp working into her steps.

“’Course that’d be a rare occurrence in these parts.” Though bears weren’t, it seemed, but he didn’t want to spook her, and lately he hadn’t done such a fine job of stringing words together. “See that patch of bright green under the hill there?”

She slowed and looked where he pointed.

“Aspen. They turn yellow in the fall. The only gold you’ll find in these mountains this side of Cripple Creek.”

She stopped and took in the view. “I’ve read about the Independence Lode and the fires.”

He reached behind her, took her by the shoulders, and gently turned her north where higher, pine-covered slopes rolled up toward the backside of Pikes Peak. “We could see the smoke from here. Worried Pa some. Hugh and Grace and I would sneak out at night and climb up the bluff to watch the sky glow red.” From behind her, he pointed over her shoulder. “Right over the ridge there. As the crow flies, about fifteen miles.”

She turned her head and her breath brushed his chin. “That close?”

Too close. “But not an easy trip unless you’re that crow.” He stepped around her and continued on, his pulse galloping with her so near. “A little farther, and you’ll see the break where the stampede came down yesterday.”

Sensing she wasn’t following, he looked over his shoulder and caught her rubbing her leg. “You all right?”

She straightened. “Why, yes. I’m right as rain.” She ran her hands down her riding skirt and looked around. “Though I don’t see any headed our way.” Her smile, a bit forced, still brightened the morning.

“Come on then, Rain Woman.” He held out his hand and she took it. He’d carry her if she’d let him.

Doc and Barlow meandered a ways behind them, grazing. Cale chuckled.


“We’ve got a couple of tag-alongs.”

She glanced back. “Oh, the dears.”

“Don’t let on. You’ll hurt Doc’s pride.”

“Pride? You’re serious, aren’t you?”

 “As an undertaker. He thinks he’s sneaking up on us.”

With her hand in his, her soft laugh fanned a spark. He lifted his hat and sleeved his brow before setting it down again. Things were warming up a might quick. If he wasn’t careful, he’d set the whole pasture ablaze. ~A Change of Scenery

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2 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

  1. Karen Gee

    I have a new perspective on life due to the fact that I am getting elderly and have had health issues that I never dreamed that I might have.
    Things that used to be important in my younger years are just not that important anymore. As an old hymn says, Keep your eyes on Jesus and the things of this World will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.

    1. davalynn

      Indeed, Karen – the best perspective of all!


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