Coming March 1! One of nine novellas in The Cowboy’s Bride, “The Wrangler’s Woman” tells the story of widowed rancher Josiah Hanacker who hires spinster Corra Jameson as a lady-trainer for his young daughter, Jess. He fears losing Jess to his wife's sister if the girl doesn't meet her aunt's ladylike expectations. Turns out, Corra has everything Josiah needs for his daughter. He just never figured she'd have what he needed for himself. 

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Inspirational Western Romance

Thanks for stopping by! Please take a moment to check out my books where you’ll find heart-tugging stories with a Western flare. I love hearing from my readers, so feel free to drop me a note through the contact page or blog on this site, or connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. You might also enjoy getting an insider’s look at my story settings and characters on Pinterest.

Recently I was honored to win the 2015 Will Rogers Gold Medallion Award for Romancing the Widow, one of three novels set in Canon City, Colorado in the 1800s. But even more rewarding than the medal was a reader’s comment:

“I like that they are about how women should be loved and not treated like test drives on cars! Thank you! I wish I had read these kinds of books as a teen. Could have changed my entire life path.” –PD

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AWARD  2015 Will Rogers Gold Medallion Award





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