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As the wife and mother of professional rodeo bullfighters, I’ve made a few trips around the proverbial arena – mainly on my knees in prayer. That’s my husband, Mike, in the clown barrel playing tag with the bull, and our son, Jake, saving a bull rider. save Spencer.Burnham.88








But long before those days I was driven to write what I saw and felt and thought. Driven to put things into words in the same way artists fling their ideas onto canvas or into song, or work them into wood and bronze and marble. Words carried me through college toward a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s in creative writing. And words have carried me into the presence of the Lord playing and singing on worship teams, leading others toward the Living Word Himself.

Years as a crime-beat reporter netted several journalistic awards interlaced with credits in Prorodeo Sports News, Western Horseman, American Cowboy, Power for Living, Standard, The Quiet Hour, Chicken Soup for the Soul, AC cover and other national publications. Today when I’m not working on my next cowboy romance, I teach creative writing at Pueblo Community College, speak at conferences, retreats, and workshops, and write a popular slice-of-life column for the local newspaper.

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Until then, relax with a good happy-ending love story—complete with all the struggles and setbacks everyday people face on an everyday basis. Be inspired by characters who approach their challenges with a special focus on the Lord and His help, realizing He is the hub around which life turns.

And fall in love with a cowboy!

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