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Always Before Me

90 Story-Devotions for Women

“If you need a daily devotional, I cannot recommend Davalynn enough … Her devotionals are ones that I can connect with, not long and drawn out but direct, to the point, and so spot on for what I need to hear. Give her a try and she will quietly grow on you. Her writing has that ring of truth that comes from real life experiences. If you are looking for a personal connection, rife with the decisions women face daily, look into her FB page. The truth rings out in every paragraph, sentence and phrase. She is a joy to read and each time I read her devotional, my heart sings and my spirit is at rest. -Katie Wenthur, reader

“To say today’s women are busy is an understatement at best. Multi-tasking is our middle name, right? But every now and then a great resource comes along to help us put things back in proper perspective, and Always Before Me, an exquisitely written devotional from author Davalynn Spencer, is one of those resources. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, why not get a copy for yourself–and one for all the other busy moms, grandmas, sisters, friends you know?”
-Kathi Macias, award-winning author

“Davalynn’s devotions cut right to the heart and speak God’s truth into women’s lives. Be ready for some laughter in your tears.”
-Linda Scholtz, Minister to Rodeo, Pueblo, CO

Do you think God is too busy for you? Maybe you’ve just been too busy for Him. Take a moment each day and learn to listen for His voice as He speaks through your surroundings.

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