Covering Grace by author Davalynn Spencer

Covering Grace

After three years with a Wild West show, she can do it all. Except trust enough to love again.

Grace Hutton returns to Cañon City with a world of experience, Harley the Wonder Horse, and a broken heart. Fitting back in at the home ranch is beyond her, yet she needs work and a place to live. Discovering she has more in common with her head-strong grandmother, she is determined to make her own way. But will the grit and independence of three generations of Hutton women allow her to find the love and acceptance she longs for?

Dan Waite brought his invalid father to Cañon City for the “healing waters” and to make a last-ditch effort with their floundering hat business. Showing up after an assault at the local boarding house, he helps Grace Hutton rescue the elderly owner. He and his father become entangled in the women’s lives, but Grace turns out to be more than Dan bargained for. When her trick-riding ways put her in danger while filming a local flicker, he risks more than his time intervening. He risks his heart.

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