Romancing the Widow - Davalynn Spencer

Romancing the Widow

“I love happy and exciting endings and you will not be disappointed with this one!” -R. Smith

“A journey of strength and love that overcomes the past.”  -G. Parker


Winner of the 2015 Will Rogers Gold Medallion Award for best inspirational Western fiction.

 ~Book 3 in the Canon City collection~

Colorado 1888


“You have nothing to fear from me, Martha.”

“Really? You are holding me against my will and yet you say I have nothing to fear? Were I to scream, my father and all our neighbors would be out here in a heartbeat ready to lynch you from the nearest tree.”

“Then scream if you’re truly afraid.”

She hesitated and his heart stopped.

At last she let out a defeated sigh. “Fine. I won’t scream.”

His arms ached, more from wrestling earlier with the upturned wagon than from holding her small, warm body. “Promise me you won’t run away and I’ll let you down.”

She nodded.

He couldn’t hold her all night, as much as he wanted to, so he lowered her to her feet, keeping one arm around her waist. She stood against him, her hands resting on his chest. Had she forgotten, or did she want them there?

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