The Rancher's Second Chance - Davalynn Spencer

The Rancher’s Second Chance

“My life is very busy, and it is hard for me to find time to read. The Rancher’s Second Chance was so fun that I turned my back on everything else and read it all in one afternoon. It was good for my soul.”  –S.

“Having grown up in the country I especially enjoyed the authenticity in the dialogue of this book. There were several turns of phrase that I haven’t heard since moving to the city, and these special touches make the story not only more “real” for me, but also a bit nostalgic. I was also impressed with the author’s understanding of a working ranch. The heroine is feisty, the hero strong and protective, and you can’t help but delight in the grandfather and other secondary characters. A light, fun read for those days when you need some R & R. I was in a grieving season when I read this book, and it helped me put aside the pain and rejuvenate.”  -P.

“The author writes in such a way that it’s easy to relate to the way the characters deal with their limitations …. This strengthens my faith and becomes an inspiration to me in everyday life …. They become friends, people I’d like to sit down and have coffee with—or beans and enchiladas.” –J. Thomas

“Stayed up late to finish this last night. What a delightful, sweeping story about two characters I cared about SO much. Eli was truly a gallant and charming American Hero, and Laura was strong and relatable. I was so impressed with the depth of the characters, their memories of the ranch, and all those little details that make a person unique and real. Loved, loved, loved the setting. Oh, and that tree….that will stay with me.–K.

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Eli Hawthorne never gave up hope that someday Laura Bell would return to their small ranching community in the California foothills. But the battle-scarred soldier is a world away from the carefree boy he once was.

After a twelve-year absence, Laura finds everything has changed at her family’s home. Or has it? The fire-scarred oak still thrives in the lower pasture in spite of its burned out heart. Could she do the same?

Eli and Laura have a chance to fill the empty places in each other’s heart, but pride and fear threaten to keep them from trusting God and finding the love of a lifetime.

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Laura Bell geared down and turned left on the county road. Faded asphalt stretched out long and lean past Hawthorne Ranch and up into the foothills, threading a tight S-curve at the top of a small rise. Her Mercedes SLK-350 hugged the twisting roadway like a close friend.

Across from a tight row of mailboxes she hooked a sharp right at a private lane, slid to a stop and waited for the dust to settle. That’s when she saw him—reined in near a scrub oak cluster, as if waiting for her to get out of the way.

Wonderful. An audience.

Defensive about her stirring arrival, she pulled the emergency brake, stepped out of the convertible and yanked at her black pencil skirt.

The cowboy leaned forward, arms crossed on his saddle horn, reins hanging loosely from his fingers. A wide-brimmed hat hid his eyes.

His shoulders bounced once, as if he’d laughed and held it inside.

She pushed her sunglasses tight against her face and raised her chin. He may not know it yet, but he did not want to laugh at her.